Comprehensive meridian therapy programs
to restore your health, reduce the pain, and
allow the body to reconnect and heal.

Quality of life is the top priority for all.

The western medicine has evolved and developed so fast and wide to allow us to stay alive longer.

Most of us however know fully well we want more than just being alive, we want to live well, feeling well, and without pain.

If you try to live healthily, sleep early, and eat well but still struggle with some form of pain here and there in your body, and the pain does not go away despite your medication, massage therapy, or other complimentary medicine attempts?

Accent Therapy offers personalised and individually tailored assessment that provided the foundation for the treatments that will focus and target your concerns and pains. The treatment aims to work through your pressure points, with or without needles, to reduce and manage your pain and discomfort effectively. The treatment aims to remove the blockage and obstruction in the flow and restore the vital energy flow of the healthy body.

  • Do you struggle with ongoing aches and pains in your body?
  • Do you struggle with rest, sleep, or normal routine due to
    discomfort and pain in your body?
  • Do you have complex bodily pain in various parts of your
    joints, back, or limbs?
  • Do you suffer from frozen or immobile shoulder, and lumber
    due to ongoing intractable pain?
  • Are you recovering from operation, stroke, or trauma and
    suffer from poor sleep, tender sore points, or discomfort in

It is possible with our comprehensive therapy programs to restore your
health, reduce the pain, and allow the body to reconnect and heal.

David Wang

David Wang comes with a world of experiences with human body.
He came from Taiwan and has spent more than 30 years undertaking medical research relating to the physiology and human bodies.

He also is a trained practitioner in Chinese acupuncture, Japanese Enrac meridian therapy, and the traditional acupressure treatment.

He is now using all of his knowledge and experiences to provide patients in New Zealand the opportunity to live better, with dignity, painlessly.

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